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Slanted Stage Flat Stage Serenade Tent
5pm: Busted Jug Jim & Nancy
5:30pm: Stephen Ray Leslie
6pm: Square Dance w/Small Time Stringband, Lisa McAvoy calls
8pm: David's Drinking Band
9:15pm: The Sweet Lowdown
7pm: Louis Ledford
8pm: The Ames
9:15pm: Lucky Brown
11pm: Misty Flowers
11:30pm: Meghan Yates
Midnight: Benjie Howard
Noon: Pete Farmer
12:30pm: Tasche de la Rocha
1pm: Laurel Bliss & John Clark
1:30pm: Chris Acker
2:30pm: Majnun Memorial Concert
4pm: Br'er Rabbit
5:15pm: Korby Lenker
6:45 & 7:45pm: The Happy Valley Sluggers
8:45 & 9:45pm: Chivalry Timbers
2pm: The Shadies
3pm: Square Dance w/The Shadies, Paul Silveria calls
4:30pm: SmokeWagon
6pm: Songwriter-in-the-Round (Tomas Madrigal, Corwin Bolt, Misty Flowers)
7pm: The Heligoats
8pm: RattleTrap Ruckus
9pm: The Reverie Machine
10pm: Hot Damn Scandal
Midnight: Strangely
12:30am: Isaac Pierce
1am: Tasche de la Rocha
9am: The Barred Rock Hens
10am: Professor Banjo
11am: Bellingham Circus Guild
12:45 & 1:45pm: The Devėlly Brothers
2:45 & 3:45pm: Juniper Stills
4:45 & 5:45pm: Mudflat Walkers
8:30 & 9:30pm: McDougall
Noon: Songwriter in-the-round (Douglas Stranger, Meghan Yates, Hillary Susz)
1pm: The Sweet Lowdown
2pm: Tangoheart
3pm: Jim Page
4pm: Jack Dwyer & Tim Connell
5pm: The Cactus Blossoms
6pm: Square Dance w/Porterbelly Stringband, Lucas Hicks calls
7:45pm: Robert Sarazin Blake & The put-it-all-down-in-a-letters
8:45pm: Skitnik
10pm: The Crow Quill Night Owls
Midnight: Chris Acker
12:30am: Hillary Susz
1am: Stephen Ray Leslie
Midnight waltz-a-thon in front of the stages
Sunday Gospel Sing-Along in front of the stages
Subdued Stringband Jamboree