August 6-8, 2020 — Bellingham, WA
Subdued Stringband Jamboree

Camping at the Jamboree

The Subdued Stringband Jamboree takes place
at The Deming Log Show Fairgrounds:
3295 Cedarville Road
Bellingham, WA 98226

The Grounds

The Jamboree uses the grounds built and maintained by the Deming Logging Show.

Toilets: There are three buildings with running water toilets. There are also portable toilets located throughout the campground.

Water: There is drinking water available at spigots throughout the campground. Bottled water is not sold at the Jamboree.

Swimming: There is no direct river access. Public access is located a half mile away where the Mt. Baker Highway meets the Nooksack River.

Fires: Recreational fires are permitted, depending on weather conditions. Check back in July for more details. Propane fire pits without solid wood fuel are still allowed.

Camping Areas

  1. The Meadow: This is the main area of the festival.The two stages and vendors are surrounded by a general camping area. Spots along the baseline and the subdued Longitude are reserved. Otherwise, the camping is first come, first served. Jamming is encouraged.
  2. The Subdued Longitude: Separates the Meadow from Seriously Subdued Camping. Spots along the Longitude can be reserved for with RV or Tent Camping. Spots along the Longitude are numbered. The reserved spots reach from the fence to the road. A reserved spot costs $30/night and reservations must be made for all three nights. To reserve write to Unreserved spots along the Longitude are available on a first come, first served basis when the gates open at 10am on Thursday.
  3. Two Wheels Are Better than Four: This is a walk-in/bike-in only camping area. This shady, grassy, spot is north of the arena and east of the museum bathrooms.
  4. Seriously Subdued Camping: This is the area south of the arena and east of The Subdued Longitude. Quiet hours are from 10pm-10am.
  5. The Shady Grove: This is the furthest away from the action and the mellowest camping. Quiet hours are 10pm-10am.

Camping Policies

Drive-In Campers are charged $20 per car, per night. When entering, cars will be charged for the remaining nights of the festival.

Walk-In Campers are charged $10 per tent, per night. When entering, campers will be charged for as many nights as they have paid to attend.

Motorcyclists are considered walk-in campers and are charged $10 per tent, per night.

Bicyclists camp for free.

Safety Note: There is no re-entry allowed for Camping Vehicles. Once your car is in the campground, it cannot come and go. Of course... it can go, but it can't come back in without paying an additional camping fee. Our goal is to reduce traffic in the campground and increase safety. If you want to camp with your car, we recommend teaming up with other campers and leaving one car in the parking lot for store runs, trips to town, etc.

Car vs. RV

Vans, Camper Vans, and Small Trucks with a canopy are considered CARS.

Trailers & Trucks with a canopy wider than the width of the truck are considered an RV.

RV Camping

RVs and buses are charged $30 per night without hookups, $40 per night with hookups. We have 4 areas available for RV/Bus Reservations. All these areas are within the meadow. Some RV spots have hookups, some are dry. Please write to to reserve a spot.

RV Areas with Hookups

  1. The Baseline (inside) is the fence to your right as you enter the gate. (18 spots)
  2. The Subdued Longitude separates The Meadow from Seriously Subdued Camping. There is both RV and tent camping along The Longitude. Many of the spaces along The Longitude host long established camps of musicians, staff and devotees. The unclaimed areas will be open to RVs and tent campers to reserve.

RV Areas without Hookups (no water/electricity/generators)

  1. The Baseline (outside) are in the first row of the parking lot, just outside the main gate. (18 spots)
  2. The Triangle is along the fence behind the stage. (6 spots)

RVs and Buses are welcome in the general camping in The Meadow. Reservations are not available. RVs are not allowed in Seriously Subdued Camping or Shady Grove.

Campground Map