August 8-10, 2019 — Bellingham, WA
Subdued Stringband Jamboree

A Jamboree for All Ages


Artistic Adventures in Play
Thursday, Friday & Saturday 1-4pm.
Activities include decorating hats to wear during the parade, face painting, finger and toenail painting, strategic water balloon games and so much more!

Sing Along For Kids Age 1-5
With Amber Darland, Friday and Saturday 10am-11am

Kids Parade
3pm on Saturday

Instrument Building with Thor Myhre
Thursday 4-6pm and Saturday Noon-2pm
Ubercycle Revisionists build instruments from recycled materials to both perform on and provide opportunities for the community to explore and experiment with. Build your own mini washtub bass instrument from a coffee can. This low volume, mellow instrument is a great way to discover the physics of sound and is an easy way to learn how to find notes by ear. Other audio found object sculptures will be on hand to experiment with. Workshop ends with a performance by students with the band Ubercycle Revisionists using audio sculptures made from found objects.

Family Square Dance
11am Friday on Slanted Stage
A Square Dance for short and tall.

Circus Workshops
Friday 10am Awesome Acro with Chipp Allard, In front of the stage. Kids under age 10 welcome when accompanied by parent.
Saturday 4pm Juggling with The Bellingham Circus Guild in Kidsville.

Kids' Volunteer Crews

The Jamboree is run by volunteers! Between 1-6pm Friday & Saturday, kids are welcome to join in the fun.
Check in at Subdued Central.
Mug-Stashers: Collect discarded coffee mugs and return them to the kitchen/band lounge.
Trash-Tamers: collect small bits of trash from the ground (gloves and bags provided).
Water-Wagon: Bring water around the grounds to thirsty people.


Teen Tent
A place for teens to hang with the rest of us, but... also without the rest of us.
Board games, art projects, letter writing, music making.

Teen Open Mic
In Kidsville
5pm-6pm Friday
Hosted by Trace Rezideux.