August 8-10, 2019 — Bellingham, WA

Late Night Stages

The Midnight Serenade Tent

Thursday Night

  • Midnight: Petunia
  • 12:30am: Bellow Wing
  • 1:00am: The Reverie Machine

Friday Night

  • Midnight: Tango Cowboys
  • 12:30am: I Love You Avalanche
  • 1:00am: Strangely

Saturday Night

  • Midnight: Sierra Ferrell
  • 12:30am: The Murphy Beds
  • 1:00am: Hicksish

The Subdued Speakeasy

  • Thursday: Hot House Jazz Band
  • Friday: Steph Wall
  • Corwin Bolt & The Wing Nuts

The Slanted Cabaret

  • Thursday and Friday: West of Roan
  • Saturday: Waltz-A-Thon
Subdued Stringband Jamboree